The Lost Wackys series stickers were made from original paintings which Topps Gum Company auctioned off in New York in 1989.  These finished paintings had never been made into stickers nor released, so by buying the originals I became the owner of the images.  In 1993, I named the first series set as Lost Wackys (Monsterettes and Midget Rice) that were made into 1500 numbered sets (uncut sheets and single stickers).  1998 brought out the 2nd set of Lost Wackys(Fool-Aid and Buggies) which were also made into 1500 numbered sets (uncut sheets and single stickers).  The 2nd series had an extra 50 sets of hand(me hand) numbered single stickers with the famous LUDLOW backs.  After many years, other unpublished Wacky Package titles became known to exist and have also been labeled as Lost Wackys (I do not own any of these). Also, after other information came to light, Midget Rice came from the possible 12th series, not 1st series.
MIDGETRICEmed.jpg (13884 bytes)


MIDGET RICE unused from 1st
MONSTERETTES unused from 8th

MONSTERETTESmed.jpg (14978 bytes)
 FOOLAIDsmall.JPG (5133 bytes)


FOOL-AID unused from 12th
BUGGIES unused from 2nd

BUGGIESsmall.JPG (15457 bytes)
LostWackysSeries1UncutSheetSmall.JPG (17194 bytes)

<- Uncut Sheet Series 1

Uncut Sheet Series 2 ->

2ndLostWackysUncutSheet.JPG (26042 bytes)

2nd Series Lost Wackys

UNCUT SHEET = 13.00 ppd
Single Set = 11.00 ppd

1st Series Lost Wackys

UNCUT SHEET = 14.00 ppd
Single Set = 12.00 ppd

                   ppd = POSTAGE PAID

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